Both of my girls started dancing at Premiere as preschoolers. Over the years, I’ve watched Michelle and her staff mold young people not only to be good dancers, but more importantly to be really great people. Long after dance is over, I want my girls to look back on their experiences at Premiere and say that the staff helped them to learn what it means to work hard, develop confidence, manage their time, understand teamwork, and the importance of exercising the body and spirit. Whether your child wants to try out a dance class for fun or to become a competitive dancer, Premiere offers a welcoming, tasteful, Christian atmosphere that you will be proud to be a part of.

-Tricia Stanley
(mother of Bella-10 years and Mary-7 years)


I have been an instructor at Premiere Dance Center for many years, and can say without hesitation it is the healthiest and most positive dance environment for young dancers I’ve ever experienced. Michelle Jones has created a gem in the dance world. Premiere is the perfect balance of hard work, discipline, fun and love.

-Libby Harris, PDC instructor
Dance Kaleidoscope Company Member

Little did I know just what dance would mean to my family when we started our journey with Miss Michelle over 20 years ago. We started with the intent to learn basic ballet in order to gain grace and flexibility which led to praise dancing. As the girls fell in love with this form of dancing, we continued to stay committed to dance and Miss Michelle. Why Michelle? I believe in her goals to inspire and foster excellence, but more than that, my 4 daughters discovered that dance at her studio builds their self-esteem and discipline in a Christian atmosphere. They are transformed by learning, falling in love with many forms of dance, and trying things they never thought possible. She fosters that kind of atmosphere. The girls are encouraged which brings out this willingness to work harder and try more as a lifelong way to express themselves. I lost my oldest daughter at the age of 22, but dance was crucial to her life. The true meaning of dance came when my oldest daughter was facing how she was going to cope with her illness. We created a blog named kjkdancingthroughtherain because she was dancing through the suffering. The flexibility, the joy, the expression, the passion of her dance was sparked from those who taught her. Michelle gives all of herself to her dancers. We are thankful to Michelle for igniting the passion of dance that has transformed our lives.

-Tammy Koch
(mother of Kelsey, Karly, Konner, and Kassidy)

We are so grateful for all that Premiere Dance Center has given our daughter since she enrolled in that first preschool tap and ballet class seven years ago. At PDC, she has grown up dedicated to the art of dance as a discipline within a safe, fun, supportive community. An introspective, deep-thinking girl, our daughter now possesses the self-confidence to perform on a stage with her dance company peers with impressive skill and a huge smile on her face.

PDC’s founder, Michelle Jones, runs her dance company with boundless energy, astounding efficiency, limitless patience, & a kind heart—all that in addition to being a gifted dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Michelle is a hero to her students, and along with her excellent staff, she has taught our daughter that dance is something she does with her body and her heart. Sometimes, after an evening of tap, ballet, and jazz classes, our daughter comes home exhausted and sore, but still tapping her feet, still smiling—and already excited to go back and dance.

-Jill Christman
(mother of Ella Neely)